Tiberian's Signature Collection of Museum Quality Intaglios

"Tiberian’s Collection of Antique and Neo-Classical Intaglios is considered to be one of the finest privately owned collections in the world"  Christie’s, New York

Among the most valued treasures bequeathed to us from antiquity, engraved intaglios were prominently distinguished; and justly so, because the ancient pictures had all perished, except some frescoes, and very few statues survived the test of time and barbarism. 

Engraved intaglios were held in the highest esteem, not merely for the purity, brilliancy, rarity and costliness of the stones, but also for the fact that they represented a connecting link between  the rival and sister arts of painting and sculpture, preserving the excellence of both. While they present to us the delicacy and animation of portraiture, they possess the boldness and three-dimensional solidity of statues, exemplifying the pinnacle of the artistical talent, grace and skill of the ancients. 

The Tiberian Collection of Intaglios relate chiefly to the higher divinities of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. They have been presented to you in their original freshness, beauty, and perfection.

J. Prendville
K. Noon

Flawless Museum Quality Intaglios having a beautiful 19th Century patina wrapped in a gilt band with antiqued paper.

Tiberian's extensive collection of Rare 18th and 19th Century Museum Quality Intaglios.